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Harry Potter real person slash
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Run for the hills - the RPSers have arrived!

This is a community for the discussion and posting of real person slash involving the actors from Harry Potter. We welcome fanfics, ficlets and drabbles, and discussions.

We have just a few rules:

  • Any pairings are acceptable, with actors of any age - but if they are under 16, please put a warning and use a lj-cut for the more sensitive readers.
  • Fics involving non-HP actors as well are fine, so go ahead and post some Dan Racliffe/Elijah Wood, or Tom Felton/Eminem if you want. The more interesting the better!
  • The community is slash-centric, so the focus of the story should be on a homosexual relationship. Het pairings are acceptable as background, as long as slash is predominant.
  • Male/male/female threesomes are welcome!
  • Much as we all love HP fiction slash, this isn't really the right community for that. Try hpslash. :)
  • Discussion posts should be kept on topic. You may post slashy pictures, clips or interviews, but please do not post just to say hello.

All fics are organised by pairing in the memories, so if you want to browse stories, I suggest you start there.

I'm aware that this is a squicky subject for a lot of people, but this is not the appropriate place to dicuss the morality of RPS. A basic defence of it can be found here, but please don't harass us if you disagree.

Recomended sites:
A bit of imagination - the only HP RPS archive I know of.
thehandbasket - Elijah Wood/Dan Radcliffe. Genius.
hpslash - HP slash... like it says.
parryhotter - for the twisted HP fan.

Flames can be directed to mortari.

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