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Fic: "Duellum" ; DanRad/Zefron ; R

Title: Duellum
Fandom: Nubile young celebrity RPS
Pairings: Dafron (DanRad/Zefron), Zefron/OC
Rating: R; language, sex, hangovers
Words: 4,357
Summary: In which everyone is rather drunk and mean to everyone else.
Disclaimer: I do not know them or intend them any harm. If they would like to give me money, I would be okay with that, but am not making any off of this story or anything else related to them.
A/N: This is not told exactly chronologically, but shouldn't be confusing I don't think. The title is from a poem by Charles Baudelaire meaning, in English, "The Duel." It may be helpful for you to read the prequel to this story, but it's not necessary.

(The three of them sit like that in silence, imbibing. Zac to the right, pink-cheeked and happy simply to exist in a world with other people.)
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